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    ESS-FOOD retail


    We are also an important operator within the retail business, where a growing number of purchasers have discovered our well known brands.

    We offer a unique combination of in-depth knowledge of the retail business as well as our product categories, and the mix in each of our product ranges is continuously developed in order to match specific requirements from customers and markets.

    Our retail brands

    Our brands are based on in-depth knowledge of the retail business as well as product categories. The product ranges are continuously developed in order to match specific requirements from customers and markets.

    Quality matters


    Our ESS-FOOD range is a premium quality pork line targeting quality conscious consumers around the world. The line covers basic pork categories incl. traditional British pork sausages, different types of pork bacon, and a number of different popular pork cuts Our ESS-FOOD range is recognizable through a unique packaging style characterized by a simple but effectfull choice of elements and colours, which communicate premium quality and stands out on the shelves/in the freezers. The line covers basic pork categories including:

    • British pork sausages
    • Pork bacon
    • Pork cuts
    ESS-FOOD retail catalogue

    Star-shaped reliability


    DAT-SCHAUB is a premium brand targeted at quality conscious consumer on a number of retail markets worldwide. With more than 30 years in the market DAT-SCHAUB has earned a strong reputation for both quality and reliability, and for being a business pioneer. The product range includes:

    • Frozen vegetables
    • Processed meat products
    • French fries
    • Cakes
    DAT-SCHAUB retail catalogue

    At home, in stores, around the world


    Dann'ka is a highly dynamic Danish retail brand with an impressive international track record. The Dann'ka product range is targeted towards the modern consumer and includes:

    • Processed meat products
    • Frozen cake rolls
    • French fries
    • Chicken franks
    • Frozen vegetables and seafood
    Dann'ka retail catalogue

    Value for money


    AIDA is a well known brand on a number of our target markets. AIDA is perceived as a “value for money” brand, and the attractive relationship between price and quality that AIDA offers means that our AIDA products have been well received on all markets, where the brand has been introduced. The product range includes:

    • French fries
    • Frozen vegetables
    AIDA retail catalogue

    100% plantbased


    A new ESS-FOOD product range in the plant-based category. Made for everyone, who loves meat, but is looking for ways to cut down meat consumption – and this way contribute to a more sustainable future for food. So, when choosing products for our “Eat a Plant” range we had very high standards when it came to taste and texture. Customer reviews for the product recipes used for our “Eat a Plant” products speaks for themselves.

    EAT a PLANT catalogue