A modern trainee programme – with two specialised trainee tracks

We have in ESS-FOOD had trainees for more than 20 years and decided that it was time to give our take on how a modern trainee programme should look like. We have the knowledge from the industry, we have trainees that have been with us for decades and the abilities to create the best possible programme for young and ambitious candidates.

We have therefore introduced EFIT – a programme with two tracks specialised within the area that make most sense for you and your specific profile.

The Shipping Trainee track

The Shipping Trainee track is focused on logistics and distribution and will take you through all relevant aspects of the shipping area within the two years. Your main task would be to ensure that products are distributed from A to B and you will work with our people and offices all over the world.

As Shipping Trainee, it is mandatory that you follow the Business School’s Shipping and Freight Forwarding track as well as the EFIT-Programme.

The Sales Trainee track

The Sales Trainee track is focused on purchasing and sales and will give you all relevant competencies and to make you succeed in the trading industry. You will quickly get responsibility for a market and help increasing the business succeeding within that specific area.  

As Sales Trainee you will only follow the EFIT-Programme with extra focus on sale.

No matter what track suits you best you will join our team in one of our offices world wide. Currently, we are looking for Sales Trainees for our offices in Warsaw, Barcelona, Tartu and Copenhagen. 

You get all the experience you need to take on the challenges that the modern trading industry has. One moment I am talking to a customer in Vietnam, the next I am closing a order with a supplier in EU.

Sebastian Myrthue, previous Sales Trainee

Your development - our priority

The EFIT-Programme offers a steep learning curve – with huge possibility for responsibility and development. During the programme, you will attend regular trainings, seminars and workshops with your fellow trainees and improve your abilities within areas including teamwork, communication, negotiation, logistics, and business acumen.

Our highest priority is your development and that you will get all necessary support and guidance throughout the two years. We aim to develop the best possible trainees in the industry – and are fully aware that it requires our full attention.

Therefore, to foster your talent as you go through the programme, you will be supported in achieving professional and personal development by getting assigned a manager, a supervisor, and a buddy. The manager will have the overall responsibility for your development, the supervisor will guide you in your day-to-day projects and the buddy will make you thrive in our social environment.

ESS-FOOD International Programme
Anja found her place in ESS-FOOD
Anja started her career in ESS-FOOD as Sales Trainee, where she gained extensive experience she could use in her further career. Today, Anja works as a Area Export Manager in our office in Copenhagen and is responsible for purchasing food products in Benelux.

International perspective

We have offices in several parts of the world including Barcelona, Tartu, Warsaw, Shanghai, Dubai, New Jersey, and Buenos Aires. Our stakeholders are likewise located all over the world – meaning you will gain all possible perspectives and insights from the international trading industry. The daily business will include contact with both colleagues, partners, customers, and suppliers from all over the globe.

Further, to provide you with even more international experiences, we will include you in international business trips and company visits. By doing so, you will be exposed to different cultures and international ways of doing business. Lastly, our sales trainees will also be stationed abroad for a period in one of our international offices.

Two years, four modules

The programme is divided into four modules over two years – with focus on providing you with the best possible tools and learnings that are relevant in the trading industry.

  • First module

    The first module will give you an overall introduction to the company and industry. We have a carefully planned on-boarding process that will take you through all relevant aspects to provide you with the best possible foundation for understanding procedures and processes.

  • Second module

    The second module will take you up to speed in your main department. You will get a lot of responsibility enabling you to take a deep dive into the area you are getting specialised in and start adding valuable learnings.

  • Third module

    The third module will focus on the international perspective and provide you with insights from the international trading industry. This area is crucial to understand when working in a global company and you will therefore be exposed for both international partners, customers and suppliers.

  • Fourth module

    The fourth and last module will take you back to your main department. Here, you will be able to show your full potential by displaying your capabilities within trading and you as a culmination of the two years you will hand in a final report.

Good opportunities for permanent employment

By taking you through four modules – all with different focus – we aim at accelerating your development and career by providing you with all tools and insights you need to succeed. After finalising your traineeship, there are good opportunities for permanent employment.


ESS-FOOD International Trainee Programme
A two-year experience together with skilful and ambitious colleagues
You will join a carefully chosen group of trainees and you will support, help and challenge each other during the programme. You will follow the same process, participate in the same workshops, and have several social arrangements together. We have a very open and involving team spirit in ESS-FOOD, and we empower each other to reach our full potential.

What do you bring to the table?

  • You have passed an admission-granting education, e.g. EUX Business, HHX or EUS or maybe you have a Bachelor’s degree (or are about to finish your degree)
  • Relevant work experience from leisure work is appreciated
  • You have excellent Danish and English skills and if you speak a 3rd language it will be an advantage

It is also important that you

  • are business oriented and have an international and enthusiastic mindset
  • have an "I can do" attitude and drive towards results
  • have excellent stakeholder management skills and understand that by working together and utilizing core strengths across departments and teams, we can strengthen the way we meet customer and supplier needs - now and in the future
ESS-FOOD International Trainee Programme
Ready to start an exciting career?
We are currently closed for applications, but will open up again in the beginning of 2022.